Welcome to the City of Concord’s Online Special Event Application Portal. Using this system, you can submit and update information, track the status of your application, and print a copy of your final permit all from the convenience of your home, 24 hours a day. 

The online application has been designed to assist event organizers in the development of event plans that comply best practices associated with the production and management of special events. 

When Do I Need a Special Event Permit?

The City of Concord issues Special Event Permits only for the portions of a special event venue and the related event components located within the City of Concord that incorporate the use of: City public streets, City public parks or other City public property; and outdoor private property, only when the property is part of a special event venue that includes City public property. For example, a street closure used as part of a festival venue. Examples of special events include festivals, parades, runs/walks, farmer’s markets and other planned group activities that require the coordination of a number of city departments or other agencies such as the use of alcohol, on-site cooking, food sales, amplified sound or large-scale temporary structures. 

The City of Concord does not issue Special Event Permits for the portions of a special event venue that are: the land management responsibility of other jurisdictions; located exclusively on outdoor private property when City public property is not a part of the venue; and facilities.

Application Submittal Deadline

The City of Concord requires permit applications to be submitted no later than sixty (60) days prior to the actual date of your event and allows applications to be submitted as early as one year before the event date.

It is strongly recommended that Special Event applicants submit completed Special Event Permit Applications to the City of Concord as soon as reasonably possible so that there is sufficient time to address any unanticipated or unforeseen circumstances.

Submission of a permit application does not: deem the application complete; guarantee the date and location of the special event; or imply an automatic approval of the special event. An Applicant must meet all requirements before the City of Concord shall issue a Special Event Permit.

Please note that a minimum of 60 days is required to submit a Special Events application. For large festivals it is strongly recommended that you submit your permit application at least 120 days prior to the proposed event date.

The City of Concord reserves the right to cancel a special event at any time, with or without notice upon public health or safety concerns as determined by the City of Concord its sole and absolute discretion. The City of Concord shall not be liable for damages arising from the cancellation of the event.

Application Fee

The following fees have been approved by the City of Concord City Council and apply to Special Event Permit Applications:

A $250 non-refundable application fee is due upon submittal of your application. Applications must be substantially complete. A substantially complete special event permit application means a permit application where all sections of the permit application have been completed as they relate to the event and its event components and includes sufficient detail that the information can be understood and assessed by the reviewing City department or agency. The permit application review process shall be initiated once a permit application has been determined to be substantially complete. 

Other Costs and Fees

In addition to the permit application fee, you may be assessed other city permit fees, department rates and fees, costs and fees associated with personnel or resources provided to your event by a city department, program or division, as well as fines that may be assessed by the city for the cost to repair and/or restore any public property damaged by an event.

Following the review and approval of your special event application, a 25% security deposit is due to officially permit your event.

Technical Information

You may save an application in process and return to work on it over a period of days or weeks.

Once you submit your application, you will be notified if additional information is needed prior to the initiation of the review process and when the review process begins.

Once you have completed an application, you may copy it to initiate subsequent permit applications.

Thank You!

On behalf of the City of Concord, thank you for contributing to spirit and vitality of our community through the presentation of your event.

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